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Wooden Spoon Seagull 
operates on both the Forth & Clyde and the Union Canals. The Forth & Clyde facilitates transit through Central Scotland between the Firth of Forth River at Grangemouth and the Firth of Clyde River at Bowling, west of Glasgow. Its total length is 35 miles punctuated with locks and aqueducts to allow boats to ascend and descend the hills and valleys as the canal travels through central Scotland. The Union Canal allows almost uninterrupted navigation and connects Forth & Clyde canal through to Edinburgh, a distance of 32 miles. This route follows a continuous contour which means that there are tunnels and aqueducts but no locks. Of particular note is that at its western end it connects with the Forth & Clyde Canal by descending or ascending the iconic Falkirk Wheel, a modern boat lift mechanism which takes the place of what had been originally eleven locks.


Canal cruising means that life slows to a walking pace when cruising these liquid highways that once thronged with cargo vessels. You can relax and enjoy rural views, pass through historic villages and towns, learn about past and present industrial heritage, enjoy the sunlight reflecting off the water, the bird life and the waterside creatures. It’s a great way to de-stress and to view the environment from a different perspective. Canal cruising is a safe way to travel, land is never more than a few feet away and you can expect to relax and take in the Scottish countryside.

So whether your interest is just to sit back and relax to enjoy the experience, leisurely cruising, or to take advantage of a unique cruising setting for your corporate event, or an on-board party venue, or to use the boat as a floating classroom for outdoor learning, the Wooden Spoon Boat can provide you with the perfect solution to fit your particular needs.    Please BOOK NOW or phone our Bookings Manager on 07429 602293 who will be pleased to advise.